Card Counting Trainer & Guide on How to Count Cards in Blackjack

You need to study card counting in blackjack to improve your game. Card counting is simple to learn but challenging to master. Obtain the definitive how-to guide, as well as methods, legalities, and the history of card counting. After practicing with our proprietary card counting simulator on, you’ll soon be playing like a pro.


How to Play Our Blackjack Exercise


You must first remember the provided values for each card. – High cards (10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace) are worth -1 each; – Low cards (2 to 6) are worth +1 each; and – The remaining cards (7 to 9) are worth 0 each.


When you press the play button, the cards are dealt.


Determine the total worth of all the cards on the table. There is a time limit of 40 seconds. To get the ultimate sum, you must add and remove card values.


Input your response into the box or use the arrows to choose the correct response.


If your answer is accurate, the game will continue. You must continue to add to or remove from the previous total.


Keep note of your overall number as you gain levels. For instance, the answer to Round 2 will be the sum of the totals from Rounds 1 and 2.


This continues as you progress. Therefore, Round 3 will be the sum of all prior rounds, including this one.

What is the Card Counting Strategy in Blackjack?

Card counting is the strategy of keeping track of how many high and low cards remain in the dealer’s deck. If you can effectively count cards, you may boost your stake when the odds are in your favor, increasing your chances of winning large. Remember, however, that card counting is not for learning how to win blackjack regularly or how to cheat at blackjack. It’s only an additional set of talents designed to give you a better understanding of what’s in the deck.


Why would I not do it?

There are no federal or state statutes that deem card counting illegal. As long as you are counting cards in your brain and not utilizing a card counting equipment or smartphone app, this is not prohibited. Nevertheless, despite the law, it is considered cheating. If you intend to attempt card counting at a casino, we encourage you to exercise extreme caution. Casinos will take severe action against suspected card counters. You may be asked to leave or perhaps banned from the table. At all times, your conduct will be thoroughly observed. Even the most skilled card counters occasionally lose a hand.


Why do I need to do it?

In a word: victory. One basic, strategic game, if played correctly, can result in a win. Learning to count cards in blackjack may significantly increase your winnings. Blackjack is a worldwide hit among casino games because, in addition to being entertaining, you have a reasonable chance of keeping your winnings. Especially when you have experience… It’s even better when you can manipulate the odds in your favor, increasing your chances of winning big.


How does Card Counting Work in Blackjack?

To properly count cards in blackjack, whether online or at a casino, all you need to do is keep a running total based on the face value of any cards shown. Learn card counting with these four simple steps:


How is Card Counting Performed?

1 Assign card values of +1 (cards 2-6), 0 (cards 7-9), or -1 (cards 10-Ace) (cards 10-Ace).

2 Keep a running tally as the dealer draws cards from the deck, using the aforementioned values.

3 If you keep a precise tally of the cards as they are dealt, you will be able to track the worth of the remaining cards.


If the count is negative after each round, raise the quantity of your wager. This is because there will be a greater number of low-value cards left. If the count is positive, reduce your wager.

Consequently, how does this provide an edge over the casino? If you play blackjack flawlessly, the house edge is around 0.5%. If you play flawlessly and master card counting, you will have a 1% edge over the casino. Therefore, it pays to begin practicing.


Did you know?

It is believed that when card counters work as a team, their advantage over the casino increases to between 2% and 4%.


Can You Card Count When Playing Online Blackjack?

Yes, card counting is possible while playing online blackjack. However, the majority of online casinos utilize software that shuffles the cards before each new hand is given, making it quite complicated. There are applications that will automatically count the cards for you, but their usage is often prohibited.


The perks, however, allow you to count cards from the comfort of your own home without the chance of being caught by the casino, as is the case when counting cards at a physical casino. You should not count cards at a land-based blackjack table unless you have practiced and are comfortable counting cards online. Using one of our free online blackjack games is an excellent method to practice. Our free games allow you to hone your abilities without risking actual cash.


If you decide to play for real money online, you should be aware that some sites use software that shuffles the cards nearly every time a new hand is given. This makes it increasingly difficult to gain money by counting cards online.


Basic card counting technique

The most fundamental method for novices is the Hi-Lo strategy. This is the type that our simulator allows you to practice.


In this method, the value of high cards (10 through Ace, including face cards) is -1. The value of low cards (2 to 6 of any suit) is increased by 1. The remaining cards (7 to 9) are worthless.


Basic card counting technique

Beginners will find this approach basic and straightforward to implement either playing online or at a physical casino.


As the dealer deals each card, you mentally record its allotted value. For example, if the card is a ten, it is counted as -1. If the following card dealt is a three, its value is increased by one. Currently, your combined total equals 0.


The objective is to continue doing so until the deck is reshuffled, regardless of how many cards are dealt. The sum is referred to as the “running count.”


That concludes the discussion. When you keep things simple, the calculations are not overly complicated and your mind does not fly into overdrive!


How to Count Cards for Beginners in Four Easy Steps

1 Assign each card a value (+1, 0 or -1)

2 Keep track of and remember the card’s worth.

3 Add the card values to establish the deck’s worth; this is the Running Count.

4 Place wagers based on the card count (raise if the count is negative and decrease if it is positive).

Superior Card Counting Techniques

Advanced Card Counting Strategies

Once you have mastered the fundamentals of Hi-Lo card counting, you will likely no longer need to count cards on your fingers. When you wish to advance to more complicated approaches, you have a number of possibilities.


Omega II

The Omega II method is a ‘balanced’ system with 0 as its starting point. In 1992, Bryce Carlson designed and published a book on card counting. It is more complex than the standard +1,0, and -1 values.


2, 3, or 7 are for 1 point, 5 and 6 are worth 2 points, 9 is worth -1, other face cards are worth -2, and aces are worth 0.

A positive count indicates that there are more low cards in the deck being dealt. A negative count indicates that many high cards remain in the deck.


False Halves

This system is named after its designer, Stanford Wong. It is considered an advanced approach due to the fractional values that have been assigned.


3, 4, and 6 are rated at 1; 2 and 7 are valued at 0.5; 5 is valued at 1.5; 8 at 0; 9 at -0.5; 10 and face cards are valued at -1.

Wong Halves is a ‘balanced’ system, meaning that your count should be 0 when a deck is dealt in its whole. You may simplify the method by doubling each value to eliminate the need for fractions.


Group Game Group game – 21

Some card counters contribute to the group effort. Various decks on multiple tables may be tallied concurrently, which is advantageous. The crew uses signals to evade detection while communicating with one another. In this method, they may inform players on the sidelines when to join a hand and when to place a large wager.


Multiple Decks

A team of MIT students and graduates exploited this approach for years to win millions of dollars from several casinos. Their exploits were the topic of a best-selling book after they were exposed. In 2008, their narrative was adapted into the film 21.


Counting Several Decks

Counting Cards with Multiple Decks

The use of numerous decks is one of the methods casinos employ to combat card counting. In principle, this makes it more difficult for card counters to monitor the running total. If you play blackjack against a dealer using several decks, you can still employ the Hi-Lo strategy. Simply divide the running count by the number of decks still in play. This will provide you with a “real count.”


When many decks are involved, your advantage is determined by your real count rather than your running count. You must maintain an accurate running total in order to calculate the actual count amount. For instance, if your running total is 5 and you have 2 decks left, your real count will be 2.5. (because 5 divided by 2 is 2.5).


Which is the Best Strategy?

The Hi-Lo method is the most intuitive to master. It is recommended that novice card counters begin here and see how they do. In addition to counting, you can go to an alternate blackjack strategy as your skill level grows if you deem it essential. Obviously, you must be 100 percent certain that you have mastered the game before attempting card counting. There are several other blackjack strategies that you might utilize in your game.


Is Card Counting Illegal?

Is Card Counting Illegal?

At, we’re committed to ensuring that you’re as well-informed as possible when playing casino games. There are laws that must be considered before to engaging in card counting.


For instance, Nevada state law prohibits card counting using electronic or mechanical assistance, such as smartphone applications. You will be arrested if this is discovered. It is not prohibited to use your own mathematical skills to keep track of cards. Despite the fact that the legal issue around card counting is pretty clear, using your mind to count cards is nevertheless frowned upon in casinos.


Even though a casino and its operator cannot prosecute unless you are employing a gadget, if you are detected they may make your position quite unpleasant. Some American law companies have specialized legal teams and defense attorneys that handle casino charges in Las Vegas.


Since casino operators are aware of the practice of card counting, they employ countermeasures to prevent it. There are security cameras wherever you look. When a pit leader deems a table to be “hot,” it is common practice to replace dealers. Occasionally, the pit master will order the dealer to do a forced shuffle following the completion of a hand. Online blackjack is not plagued by the same issue, although some software forces random shuffling to prevent card counting.


If you decide to enter a casino, it is necessary to act responsibly and follow the house’s regulations.


Tips for Card Counting

Keep an eye on your money

Keep an eye on your money


In addition to paying great attention to the cards that are dealt, it is essential to constantly keep in mind how much money you have to play with. You don’t want to make rash financial decisions and run out of money.


Be discreet

Be discreet


Card counting may not be unlawful if done mentally, although it is frowned upon at many land-based casinos. Should casino employees spot you cheating, you may be ordered to leave the game or perhaps ejected from the casino.


Play in a physical casino

Play in a physical casino


Due to the usage of RNGs that reshuffle the deck randomly after each round, card counting online is incredibly challenging. You will have far better luck at a land-based casino with a real dealer and tangible deck of cards.


Utilize a plan

Utilize a plan


There are a variety of available tactics, some of which are described on this page. Then, put your newfound talents to the test by playing blackjack, after which you will have determined which ones perform best.


The five greatest card counters throughout history

MIT’s Blackjack Group

Jeff Ma

Peter Griffin

Ken Uston

Erica Schoenberg

The MIT Blackjack Team Grouping: The MIT card counting team functioned for over two decades beginning in 1979. Original and subsequent members varied from college students to alumni.


Unspecified, although the total amount earned amounted to millions of dollars.


The 2008 film 21, which is largely based on the team’s narrative, features cameo appearances by many members of the MIT card counting team, including Bill Kaplan (picture).


The MIT Blackjack Card Counting FAQ How does card counting work in blackjack?

Card counting is a method for keeping track of the chance of acquiring good cards throughout the course of a game.


In card counting, it is not necessary to count the numbers on each individual card to determine whether you have an edge over the dealer. The goal is to determine if the remaining deck is deficient or abundant with high cards.


Is card counting against the rules in blackjack?

No. Unless you are utilizing a mechanical or electrical device in a land-based casino, card counting is not unlawful. When playing online, a pit boss cannot watch you regardless. Card counting is mostly a talent and a playing tactic.


Is it challenging to count cards?

The technique is not tough on its own. However, it does need practice. Card counting requires an initial learning curve. Although it is controllable, it is not always simple. Each time you play, you just need to master blackjack as a game and comprehend the needed counting system.


How can you get proficient at card counting?

Our specialized card counting simulator is an excellent tool for practicing the fundamental Hi-Lo strategy. It will not lead you all the way to being a professional, but it is an excellent approach to begin practicing. You shouldn’t practice at a real casino while you’re still learning; you don’t want to be caught off guard!


How long does it take to master card counting?

The amount of time required to master card counting is entirely subjective. It’s reasonable to assume that you won’t move from zero to expert overnight. To assess how long it may take, you must first examine how quickly and accurately you perform mathematics.


Can you count cards in games besides poker?

You can. Baccarat is a game that can be controlled using card counting, albeit with a high level of expertise. Due to the fact that the deck is only reshuffled under particular game conditions, the seldom mentioned 3-card brag can also be played using card counting.


What is the greatest blackjack application for card counting?

Many blackjack card counting programs claim to be the best, but this is not usually the case. Your best chance is to teach yourself the strategy via practice. Our Card Counting like a Pro tool is a useful resource for enhancing your abilities and testing your knowledge.


Do blackjack dealers use card counting?

Maybe. There is no genuine advantage for either online live casino dealers or land-based casino dealers to count the cards they deal. Technically, they could attempt to influence the conduct of the players, but as there are no incentives to doing so, they do not. Moreover, live casinos are subject to such stringent regulations that the implications of this happening would be too severe.


Is it possible to learn how to win in blackjack without card counting?

Of course. Knowing only the most fundamental laws of the game might result in a fortunate win. It is not necessary to know how to count cards in order to play and win at blackjack. Card counting is not a foolproof strategy for winning. Using blackjack techniques is another approach to improve your overall odds.

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