In an area of scorching and dusty desert, an Egyptian civilisation flourished. Cleopatra, the only female pharaoh of the kingdom of Egypt,

controlled Egypt throughout its ascendancy over other lands as a clever and alluring ruler. Let’s get to know Queen Cleopatra better with our Secrets of Cleopatra slot game review, a modern 3 reel 4 row video slot game that is simple to play and boasts the largest payout of 100,000 times in a single eye! In today’s Secrets of Cleopatra slot game, you may experience the ancient Egyptian culture as well as the massive extra awards that are concealed as symbols.

The major prize symbols of Secrets of Cleopatra may be played for real money.

The game Secret of Cleopatra features 10 primary reward symbols with cascading payouts. The description of each symbol is provided below.

Cleopatra symbol A payout rate of up to five times.

The hawk icon has a maximum multiplier of four times.

eye symbol A payout rate of up to thrice.

cross symbol A payout rate of up to thrice.

Maximum payment for the letter A symbol is double.

The letter K has a maximum payout of two times its value.

The letter Q has a maximum payout of two times its value.

The letter J has the highest payoff of 1x.

The symbol with the greatest payout rate is the number 10.

The payout rate for the number nine symbol is the highest at 1 times.

In addition to the game’s reward symbol, there may be other symbols. There are additional emblems of stone pyramids that do not pay off. A sign will be placed between each reward symbol so that it is not too simple to earn prizes.

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Special Cleopatra Symbols Slot Game

There will be two sorts of special symbols in the slot game Secret of Cleopatra that contribute to the game’s unique features. The specifics of each unique symbol are provided below.

Wild symbol

This game’s Wild Symbol is a golden pyramid. This symbol, denoted by the term WILD, can substitute for all other reward symbols. It will replace for more than just the Scatter sign. And throughout the game, a series of Wild symbols are provided. This greatly increases the likelihood of winning with Wild Symbols.

Scatter sign

The Truth About Cleopatra The scatter symbol is the scepter of the queen, inscribed with the word SCATTER, and it is the key to triggering the free spins extra feature. If three scatter symbols appear, ten free spins are played, and for each additional scatter symbol, two extra free spins are awarded.

Special Features of the Secret of Cleopatra Game Free Trial of the Secret of Cleopatra Slot Game There are two unique game elements that may be engaged during normal gameplay. And features that are the game’s special benefits as well. The description of each feature is provided below.

Infinity Reels Capability

In all game modes, the Infinity Reels feature will be available. Whenever you win a prize on all three reels or receive a Scatter symbol on the third reel, the game will continue to open the next reel to the right for you. In addition, there will be a 1x multiplier for each extra reel. This extraordinary win multiplier can be accumulated up to four times for each consecutive victory.

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Free Spins Bonus Feature

If three or more scatter symbols appear, the Bonus Free Spins bonus is triggered. However, if random and absent All free spins are immediately forfeited. Alternately, you can begin playing the bonus mode. Within the bonus mode, the frequency of Wild Symbol wins will be greater than usual. There will also be an accumulation of multiplier awards of up to four times each time a prize is won.

General guidelines for playing Cleopatra slot machines

To play the online slot game Secrets of Cleopatra, simply hit the spin button and wait for the symbols to appear on the reels. If all symbols defined by the game are present Or, during this round, you spin the winning slot machine. It will award you a prize proportional to the symbol’s payout rate. And are also multiplied by 1, 2, or 3 in the subsequent round, and so on until the winning streak ends. If you spin a winning combination in every game, you win. The gain from the multiplier will increase the number of reels by one, from three to four to five, so boosting the spin’s profit margin. If interested, you may play this game now with PGSLOT.

Consequently: Review of the Secrets of Cleopatra Slot

A review of the Secrets of Cleopatra slot game. Try it in earnest. is an online slot game based on the civilisation of ancient Egypt during the time of the female pharaoh known as “Queen Cleopatra,” who was renowned for her bravery, intelligence, and beauty.

Queen Cleopatra is thus the central concept of this PGSLOT game. For those who appreciate betting on games with stunning visuals. Have fun playing and a high bonus prize draw rate, which may be accessed through this PGSLOT website or the system of your mobile device. Both iOS and Android systems are capable of playing. Press apply and play immediately.

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